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The EasyLead Guitar Map™ enables a guitar player to learn scales in a unique way. It shows you exactly where the notes of the scale you are playing are located on your guitar. All you do is jam to your favorite song and the patterns that you see! No more frustration trying to memorize a pattern you saw in a book two weeks ago and can barely remember.

If you are new to guitar playing, you may want to check out our learning guitar section which provides some basic, but valuable information.

Our goal is to provide the up and coming guitar player with the resources they need to play guitar like the pros. Through our EasyLead products, as well as through our free online guitar tutorials, players have a wealth of information and tools to take their guitar playing to the next level.

What Is the EasyLead Guitar Map?

The EasyLead Guitar Map™ is a super thin durable plasticized sheet that is fitted over your fretboard and under the strings of your guitar. It wraps around the back of the guitar neck and is secured in place with an ultra low tack adhesive that leaves no residue and can be removed, stored and reinstalled for future use.

It’s so thin and secure that it does not affect the action of your strings and holds its position even while your hand and fingers are sliding up and down the guitar neck.

How Does It Work?

It shows you the location of the notes of a particular guitar scale. It also highlights the octave and 5th degree of a scale. Scale pattern boxes are easily identified by color-coding.

Instead of having to try to concentrate on remembering a scale pattern, just play any of the notes indicated with Jam Tracks in the background that are in the same key. It removes the guesswork and pressure of trying to remember exact note locations and allows you to engrain the scales subconsciously as you have fun creating melodies, not boring scales.

Meanwhile, you are now free to start to learn the notes themselves as you focus on melody, not the note positions – that’s been taken care of.

You can slide up and down the guitar from one octave to the next depending on your mood. You are actually learning while you are playing and having fun – making music. How cool is that?

We’ve created custom Jam Tracks for you!

Our Jam Tracks that you get with each EasyLead Guitar Map™ complete the guitar learning experience. These tracks rock! They have a driving feel to them and are loaded with hints of potential melody lines – for you to easily create - now that you can see every note in that scale and key! And you’ll sound like you have a backing band behind you.

Learning guitar scales has never been easier, more fun – and more effective!


  • Play lead guitar faster and easier than ever before!
  • Jam easily and creatively to music!
  • Learn octave and mode positions in a snap!
  • See your next move… and do it with confidence!
  • Dominate the fretboard!


  • Universally sized for electric, acoustic and classical guitars
  • Intuitive color codes clearly show all modes and octaves
  • Easy to install and remove for future use
  • Won’t slip or affect action while playing

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    Listen to these samples of the Jam Tracks included with the EasyLead Guitar Map. Now listen to how this jam track will sound with your guitar playing over it.

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